Core for investors
Experienced team of managers and experts from different industries
Why invest with us?

Careful selection
of startups
The main source of the pipeline is the network of our partners and investors

We use HR-analytics for in-depth analysis of the composition of teams
Access to investors club

Among co-investors are experts in the target segments and strategic investors who provide expertise and the possibility to make pilots
Focus on attracting the next rounds
Motivated team of investment advisors is working with each project to find investors for the next rounds
Network of foreign partners
The fund is formed exclusively at the expense of private capital, and the network of foreign partners facilitates the launch of products abroad for our portfolio startups
Format of participation for investors
Base format (Portfolio investor)

  • Participation in the entire portfolio (from $35K)

  • Receive access to a balanced portfolio
Additional options for Lead investors
  • The possibility of choosing specific projects for investment at a discount

  • Communication with teams and immersion in the businesses

  • Opportunity to participate in the Investment Committee
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