Private accelerator with
a focus on raising further rounds

Brings together mentoring community
and the club of private investors with
promising technological startups
Accelerator Founders
Leading player in the market of VС fund raising
Education and acceleration platform
One of the most active venture investors in Russia
Leading player in the Russian coworking market
We took the best from each format of work
with venture projects

  • From the incubator - the ideology that a startup should focus only on the product and customers

  • From the accelerator - the ability to quickly "pump" the startup by a third-party expertise

  • From the investment platform - the investor community and the efficiency of investments through syndication

Core for startup
Why do startups need Core Station acceleration?
30+ active investors
Among the investors are experts in the target segments with rich investment experience
Pilots with industry partners
Among the partners are strategists who are ready to provide expertise and opportunities for testing pilot projects
Investments in cash-in from $60K
The basic contribution of investors' own pool, the possibility of additional contributions to selected projects
Individual approach to valuation
We understand that each project is individual, so we have the flexibility to determine the project valuation and time of acceleration
Access to foreign markets
The fund is formed only by private capital, and the network of foreign partners facilitates the launch of products abroad for our portfolio companies
Attraction of the following rounds
Motivated team of investment advisors is working with each startup to find investors for the next rounds
Сore Infrastructure
Focus on the main business processes of the startup, in a comfortable working environment
Access to the community of experts
Educational programs for strengthening entrepreneurial skills, building business processes and attracting customers
Free package of services
  • Banking services
  • CRM-system
  • Cloud services
  • Basic legal and accounting advice
M&A team, engaged in attracting investments
Comfortable working space - coworking Workstation
Budget for Internet Marketing
Exclusive conditions with legal partners
on the transaction
Core partners
If you are interested in becoming a partner
or sponsor, please feel free to write us
Law partner
Industry partners
+ more than 10 industry partners in the stage of finalizing partnership terms
Media partners
Corporate partner
Partner application
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Core for Startup
The period of acceleration for startup
Introduction to Core

August – October
  • Presentation of infrastructure and values of the accelerator
  • Acquaintance with all participants by investors, mentors, partners
  • Passage of HR scoring
  • KPI release together with trackers
  • Introductory educational unit
  • Calculation of startup valuation
Team and product

November – January
  • Start of monthly payments from 400K
  • The possibility of obtaining investment from investors in the accelerator
  • Receive a seat in the Workstation
  • Receive a package of services (infrastructure) - focused only on the product and the client
  • Preparing for a round
  • Preparation for piloting
  • Educational program
  • Help in forming a team
Scale and investments

February – April
  • Increase monthly payments from 800K
  • The possibility of obtaining investment from investors in the accelerator
  • Conducting individual classes and working sessions
  • Start pilots with industry leaders
  • Roadshow to attract a round with investors
  • Testing the product in foreign markets
Focus on the main business processes of the startup in a comfortable working environment
What is your differences from other acceleration programs?
CORE Station is an independent private accelerator providing investments for startups at the late-seed stage, raising further rounds of funding, launching pilots with strong industry partners and the possibility of scale up to foreign markets.
What are the requirements for startups?
  • Late Seed stage (earlier startups are possible if the founders have strong entrepreneurial experience)
  • Team 3+ persons
  • Scalable business models
  • Possibility of expanding into the markets of USA / EU / Asia
  • Market size: $1B+ (global); $100M+ (local)
  • Availability of earnings / MVP
  • Priority given to startups with third-party investments from business angel / pre-seed stage fund
What is included in the accelerator program?
The accelerator program includes:
  • Educational program (lectures and individual classes with successful entrepreneurs, representatives of focal industries, practicing experts from areas of interest to start-ups);
  • Services for raising further rounds;
  • Communication with representatives of industry partners and organization of pilots on their sites;
  • Regular activities involving all accelerator investors;
  • Pleasant bonuses from our partners and sponsors (including marketing budgets, preferential terms of banking, special conditions for legal support and much more).
What is pre-acceleration?
Pre-acceleration is 2-3 months before the start of the main accelerating program, during which:

  • The project meets 3-4 meetings with representatives of the investment committee of CORE Station and external experts for the presentation of the project;
  • There is a small educational program, and you have the opportunity to give feedback so that we have adjusted the main part of the accelerator educational program for you;
  • You are familiar with trackers and mentors who will work with you on a regular basis;
  • Together we agree valuation, as well as KPI for startup, which should be achieved at the end of the first stage of acceleration.

How long will the program last?
Total 9 months: 3 months lasts the pre-acceleration period and 6 months - the main program.
How will my project interact with Core?
You apply a form on our website. In case of interest, our team will contact you, hold a personal meeting / call and ask for a detailed questionnaire.

If we are approaching each other, weekly educational events and 3-4 meetings with experts will be waiting for you during the summer, and they will conduct an in-depth analysis of the startup.

If the startup successfully completes the Investment Committee, the main block of work with the team begins: 2-3 meetings a week with experts, mentors and trackers, an educational program and communication with investors. Depending on the actual needs and readiness of the startup, we introduce you to industry partners to launch pilots, help with the network and access to foreign markets.
Does the project receive investments?
Yes, during the acceleration the project receives $60K:

from $6K thousand per month in the first 3 months of acceleration;

from $12K thousand per month in the second 3 months of acceleration
Can the amount of investment be increased?
The amount of investments from the accelerator is the same for all projects.

During the acceleration, the team of investment consultants RB Partners works to attract the next round of investments. Our goal is to attract from 200 thousand to 2 million dollars (depending on the needs and readiness of the startup) from the pool of investors at the round when the project is issued from accelerator.

In addition, the project has the opportunity to obtain additional investments from investors from the pool of CORE Station, as well as from investors of the CORE Club during and after the acceleration.

How makes a decision about investments?
The CORE Station team is actively involved in the work with each project and conducts internal analysis. The Investment Committee selects up to 15 startups that remain in the program and receive investments.
How will the startup valuated?
Each project receives an individual valuation of the business value based on the results of internal analysis by a team of CORE Station experts. The size of the assessment largely depends on the stage of project development and the volume of the potential market.
Is it necessary to seat in coworking?
This is an optional condition, but we highly recommend using this feature. In any case, you will have to communicate with our team at least twice a week, so it is convenient at least from the point of view of logistics.
How can we participate if our team is more than 4 people?
If your team is more than 4 people, and want to go to coworking like everyone, there is an opportunity to purchase additional seats for coworking "Workstation".
Can I apply if my startup is in another city / country? Should I stay in Moscow to participate in the program?
For full participation, it is necessary to move to Moscow for at least 6 months. As an office, we are ready to provide places in the coworking "Workstation".

If your project is operationally linked to another territory, write to us in any case, we will try to choose a convenient format for interaction within our investment platform CORE Club.

We have already attracted investments, should we apply to the accelerator?
Yes, if you need additional expertise from industry professionals, if you are planning the next round of investments or are interested in entering foreign markets.
Do I need an accelerator if my startup is already at mature stage?
Yes, we are aimed at startups at a more mature stage and offer a flexible choice of educational units and individual evaluation of each project.
Core Station - private accelerator with a focus on
raising further rounds
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